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I’ve hear rumors that this little baby will be released November\December this year! I will most definitively get me one of those for experimenting, especially for gaming, see the sprite and graphics tech demo below.

UPDATE: I got a tweet from Raspberry Pi yesterday saying that they are still on track for releasing it this year.

So if you never head of Raspberry Pi (not many have) here is a quick summary.

It’s a single board computer, unlike it’s “competitor” Pico-itx which is only a motherboard. So this means that all the ports, memory, cpu, gpu etc. is already mounted on the board. It will be bundled with Debian but any other OS compatible with an ARM processor should work (Android?). So what’s so awesome about it? In my opinion these three aspects are more then enough to buy one:

- It’s cheap, they got two models, one budget\lite version for $25 and one more featured version for $35. The later one has more RAM, Ethernet and one more USB port.

- Power,the low-end model only consumes around 1W on full load and has external PSU like laptops. This makes it smaller and more portable. The high-end requires more power, but still unconfirmed of how much more. And you can also run it on 4 AA batteries!

- The GPU and HDMI. Yeah, you heard me. On board HDMI. And it’s powerful too. It can render a full HD 1080p movie directly to a television or monitor and demos has been shown where it runs Quake 3 at 1080p(!). Check the sprite demo below, and make sure to visit

Take a byte! ;)

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